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“Since a little girl I’ve been planning my dream wedding…..including how my saree should be on the day.  Casipillai surpassed all that and made my dream not come true – but make it better!  After my mother and I somehow put to words we both had in our heads, Subee perfected our imagination with her unique sense of style and good eye.  The end result left me speechless, and most importantly – my mother as well!  I sparkled on my wedding day – the Swarovski crystals, the gold thread designs, the ivory white and rich red colours all came together beautifully.  I honestly could not have asked for more – Subee really was on point with her design – and I am pleased to say that I cannot be prouder wearing this magnificent Saree.  Even today – I buy all my Sarees from Casipillai Design Collections – the colour combinations are truly remarkable!  Everyone should have a Casipillai Design Saree in their cupboard!”

Amy Haritharan

“One of the best things about being Asian is the big weddings and all the dressing up we do for occasions. Everytime we get an invitation I think about what Saree I can wear. The next step is when am I free to see Subee and get a Saree. The only bad thing is I WANT THEM ALL!!! I’ve never seen such amazing designs and colour combos. The colours are absolutely beautiful and unique.I’ve never worn a casipillai design without everyone commenting how beautiful the Saree is. My family and I often go India and even then we never find anything as good as casipillai designs. The quality and the price just cannot get better. 

My sister got married last year and both her Saree and the seven bridesmaids all wore casipillai collections. It honestly stole the limelight. It was made just as we wanted and on time. I would recommend casipillai designer Saree to everybody and anybody because it truly is worth it and makes you feel beautiful!”

 Sahaana Raj

“I have worked with Casipillai Designer on numerous occasions; on fashion shows, editorial shoots, TV adverts, etc. I have enjoyed working with her, not only because she is lovely to work with, has creative ideas, is very patient, and passionate, but also because her designs speak for themselves. Quality screams out to me, and having bought and worn one of her sarees myself, I can safely say, that I feel like I am wearing something made of love and hard work! Keep up the great work!”

 Vithya- Hair and Make Up artist

Beautifully designed sarees by a seriously talented and dedicated individual! It was a pleasure working with you and looking forward to working with you alot more.

 AG Photography



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