The saree is the most loved attire by women. Every woman loves wearing sarees that are entirely exquisite and charming. Celebrate the glory of beauty by wearing our stunning Casipillai sarees encompassing its own unique style and glamour.

Casipillai Designer Collection is a family run business that takes great pride in bringing you the best of authentic and designer Kanchipuram silks in a wide range of colour combinations. Our sarees are traditionally hand loomed by a team of Kanchipuram saree weavers hailing from the temple town of Kanchipuram, India. All our sarees bear the silk mark, which assure you 100% pure silk with an option of half fine zari and pure zari.

Kanchipuram is one of the most beautiful silks. Our designer sarees is created with such equiste, that they are a masterpiece themselves. We aim to make our Kanchipuram sarees encapsulate the mystified and alluring beauty of all women. Silks filled with jewelled embellishments combined with the vibrant two or three-tone colour contrasts create designer sarees, which is the apotheosis of elegance, glamour and above all individuality. Our sarees are a combination of art and has traditional element together with a contemporary style. This offers women beautiful, timeless and yet, unique sarees.

We offer exclusive ranges of sarees from formal wear to bridal collection and a variety from simplest of designs to the most flamboyant of glamour. Our exclusive designs are made to meet your expectation ensuring that every saree is as individual as you are. Show room appointments are exclusive to all customers who will receive in-house fashion advice, and complementary consultations guaranteed to help you find a saree to suit you and your occasion.