Bespoke Bridal Service


A wedding is the most precious time in every woman’s life. There is no costume more important than the bride’s, as the saree she will wear will prove to be the most significant moment of her life. Finding the right bridal saree is every woman’s ultimate dream. Every bride is unique and different. They each have their own ideas on the perfect saree for their wedding day.

Casipillai Designer Collection personally design each one to their character, an extension of their personality on their special day. We create beautiful warp and double weft colours making it possible for the brides to choose what colour they desire. The bride also has an opportunity to select the colour of their dream saree by choosing a colour from our colour swatches.

What makes it perfect for our Brides?

  • The quality and the royal Kanchipuram look is evident when worn.
  • The long-lasting silk can also be passed from generation to generation if preserved well. The saree can be worn for other memorable moments throughout their lives.
  • It is full of rich colours, extravagance, sophistication and most importantly a reflection of culture.

Casipillai Designer Collection is offering its customers a unique opportunity to have their own custom-made sarees. If you have a colour or concept in mind but having difficulty in finding that perfect saree, we are here to help you. We can design and manufacture the saree according to your requirements.

We have teamed up with a reputable manufacturer and team of saree weavers to bring you an authentic pure Kanchipuram bridal saree. We pride ourselves on quality and a high standard of service.

Custom made sarees require close collaboration and time. We require 3-5 months in advance to manufacture your saree. All our timing depends on availability. We get booked up very quickly so we advise customers to come early to avoid disappointment.  Alternatively, we have arrays of readymade bridal sarees for you to choose from.

For more information, book an appointment with us in advance and we will work with you closely to create the perfect saree for you.

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