Mythi wanted a peacock design for her saree along her wedding invite. We wanted to create a special design for her. How beautiful does she look. Make up is by Viva Make Up Artist. Photo credit by Mayuran Siva Photographer who happens to be one of my favourite photographer and good friend of Casipillai family. We booked him for our Hindu Wedding and from there on, we became family. Honestly he is one of the passionate photographers out there. 

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Our beautiful Anoja came to us with clear mind what she wanted for both her Manavari and Koorai Saree. We are so proud and honoured to be chosen to create bespoke saree for her. Taj Mahal Koorai Saree has got such good reviews even from the photographers themselves. To make this even more special, they invited us to their beautiful wedding. It was such amazing moment watching her walk down the aisle. Anoja truly looked so beautiful. Make up is by Thushi Make Up Artist. Photo credits Moments by Kajan.

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Mathini was such a lovely bride, who been searching for the perfect saree everywhere. When she heard we customise sarees, she had idea to create a pattern that meant something to the couple. We were so happy to be able to this service making this saree extremely special. It was nice to see a bride who went with a different colour than the usual red for the Koorai Saree. She looks absolutely beautiful in both Manavari and Koorai by Casipillai. Make up by Renuka Make Up Artist. Photo by Photon Image.

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Beautiful Sajenthi in our Casipillai Koorai Saree. Photo by photographer, Kabilan Raviraj. You can find his work on Make up by Vithya Hair and Make Up.

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Pirasha from Norway wanted her own bespoke saree that only Casipillai Designer Collection will make for her. She was very clear in what she wanted and we are happy to be able to create her saree for her. She looks absolutely beautiful. Photo Credit by Digitalprodk. Make up by Vithya Hair & Make up.

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Niro visited us from Norway with a clear mind what she wanted for her Manavari and Koorai saree. She looks absolutely stunning. I loved the royal blue designer blouse that contrasted so well with the cream/gold saree. Make up and Photography is actually by one of my favourite duo. Nila Make Up Artist and Divine Method Photographer from Canada.

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Usually for bride, it may be hard to feel or see how saree would look on her when she is from another country. But not this bride. Although she is from Switzerland, she trusted us to create her dream saree. It is amazing feeling when you know that bride put her whole trust in you, and you want to do the very best and so much more to make that special saree for her. For her to wear this beautiful saree and message me after thanking me, honestly this is one of the best highlights of my career. Make Up is by Maha Beauty Care. Photo by SSK Photography.

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Our beautiful Haviena looks amazing in her Koorai Saree and Designer Blouse. Her husband chose the pattern, colours, embroidery, all for her. And the greatest thing of it all, she only gets to see it on her wedding day. Casipillai Saree made with love for this beautiful couple. Photo credit Soozana Pvan & Jeyash Luxman Photography duo. Make up by Dazzling Darlings.

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Recent shoot with one of my favourite make up artist “Shindy”. She is one of the popular make up artist booked for bridal make up and boy, she is good. Check out the recent shoot where she did hair, make up and saree pleating. Jewellery is also provided by Shindy. Of course, saree and blouse is by Casipillai Designer Collection. Photo credit by Bhav (

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